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Welcome to Flint House Counselling, where your well-being is our priority.

My name is Hayley, and I’m here to be your dedicated guide on your journey towards inner peace and resilience.

As your focused therapist, I’m committed to helping you navigate life’s challenges and empower you with strategies that will stay with you long after our sessions.

My goal is for you to leave therapy with a renewed sense of well-being and the confidence to cope, knowing that you now possess your own inner therapist—a comforting presence that you can carry with you wherever you go “A Therapist in your pocket”. Welcome to a path of self-discovery and lasting fulfilment.

What we offer

Finding Calm in the Storm of Anxiety

Living with anxiety can feel like being in a constant state of alertness, making it hard to find peace. I offer strategies and support to help manage anxiety symptoms, identify triggers, and develop coping mechanisms that allow for a more serene and balanced life. Together, we’ll work towards understanding and mitigating the impact of anxiety on your daily life.

Journey Through Grief and Bereavement
Bereavement, Grief, and Loss

The experience of loss is deeply personal and can manifest in many forms beyond the death of a loved one, including the end of relationships, career changes, or even the loss of personal identity. I provide compassionate support to help you navigate these challenging times, offering guidance to process your emotions and find a path towards healing and acceptance.

Understanding and Managing Anger
Anger Management

Anger, while a natural emotion, can often become overwhelming and affect our relationships and quality of life. I specialize in helping individuals understand the root causes of their anger, developing strategies to express it in healthy ways, and transforming it into a constructive force. Our work together aims to empower you with the tools to manage emotional responses and foster positive interactions.

Healing Historical Trauma
Historical and Current Trauma

Trauma, whether stemming from childhood or more recent events, can have a lasting impact on our emotional well-being. My approach is to provide a safe space where you can explore these experiences, understand their effects, and embark on a healing journey.
Through our sessions, we aim to build resilience and find a sense of closure or peace.

Reconnecting with Your Inner Child
Inner Child Work

The concept of the inner child plays a significant role in understanding our current selves. By reconnecting with this part of your psyche, we can address unresolved issues, heal past wounds, and unlock a fuller, more joyful way of living. This work fosters self-discovery and healing, allowing you to embrace both the joys and challenges of life with renewed perspective.

Navigating Sexual Wellness and Challenges
Sexual Issues

In the journey towards sexual wellness, understanding one’s desires, challenges, and identity plays a crucial role. I offer a supportive and open environment for you to explore all aspects of your sexuality, including orientation, intimacy issues, and sexual satisfaction. Whether you’re seeking clarity about your sexual identity or navigating sexual health concerns, our sessions are a safe space for discovery and healing.

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling at Flint House Counselling is a bespoke journey toward self-discovery, emotional well-being, and personal growth. Leveraging my expertise in psychodynamic and person-centred therapies, we delve into how past experiences shape your current thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, while also focusing on your immediate experiences and feelings in the here and now. This dual approach fosters a deep understanding of oneself, encouraging personal development and coping strategies in a supportive and empathetic environment.

Psychodynamic Therapy
This approach allows us to explore unresolved issues and feelings
stemming from past relationships and experiences, understanding their impact on your current life. It helps in uncovering patterns and unconscious motivations that guide behaviors, offering insights that lead to change.

Person-Centred Therapy
Emphasizing the importance of the here and now, this approach
supports you in navigating current challenges with empathy, genuineness, and unconditional positive regard. It's about empowering you to find your own solutions within a non-
judgmental and accepting therapeutic relationship.

Understanding Loss Beyond the Physical

Loss Beyond the Physical
Loss can take many shapes, affecting us in profound ways. Whether it’s grappling with the loss of a sense of self, navigating life transitions, or redefining identity, I guide you through these periods of change. Our focus is on understanding and processing these losses, facilitating growth and rediscovery of your path forward.

Discovering Your True Self
Identity and Self-Discovery: At the core of much of our work together will be the journey towards self-discovery. This includes exploring sexual orientation, alter egos, and the multifaceted layers of identity. I am committed to helping you uncover and embrace your true self, providing support as you navigate the complexities of identity, orientation, and expression in a safe and confidential setting.

Why Choose Integrative Therapy?

Choosing integrative therapy means opting for a therapy that is tailored specifically to you. It acknowledges that no single approach can treat each client in all situations. By blending elements from different theories, the therapy can be customized to address your individual problems and personal development goals. It’s particularly beneficial for those who want to explore both past and present issues, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing.

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